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Hi, i'm a brazilian creative art director.

23 years old.

Currently working at Wunderman, Buenos Aires.

Born in Tubarão - Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Graduated at Brother Escuela de Creativos/Buenos Aires and Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina UNISUL/Tubarão.

Young&Rubicam - Buenos Aires (2015)
Wunderman - Buenos Aires (2016)



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Winner of the creative world of

La Oreja 2015 Bronze (Innovation)

Push the Power 2015 Bronze (Print & Others) 

Talento Universitário FURB Gold 2014-2013 (Campaign & Others) Silver (Graphic Design & Campaign & Print & Design) Bronze (Print 1 & Print 2) 

PLUS UNISUL Gold 2014-2013 (Art Director 1 & Art Director 2 & Campaign & Media & Radio 1 & Radio 2 & Jingle & Short Film & Campaign)